Luft Mallets


Quick Taper (QT) Carbon Fiber

Image of Quick Taper (QT) Carbon Fiber

14.5" total length
1/2" (12.7mm) grip then quickly begins to taper at the midpoint of the stick and gets to a very thin 5/16" (7mm) at the tip. This is only possible because of the rigidity of carbon fiber.
Threaded sleeves with tight fitting washers to prevent ticking or coming loose. Great possibilities without using threaded sleeve as well.

A layer vibration absorbing material (“dark matter”) is cooked into the carbon fiber shafts. This allows for more control and a softer, more pliable, feel even though the they’re incredibly stiff. I originally designed these shafts for Viennese style flannel construction, but many have adopted them for standard American type cores/wraps (F2,F3,F4 etc...).