Timpani & Snare combo pads


I've made these on and off since 2020 and I try to make them as beautiful as I can by choosing the nicest woods.

The timpani side features two layers of rubber a total of 1" thick. This allows for louder playing without hitting the wood underneath. The snare drum side uses a 1/4" thick piece of gum rubber. Each side acts as a cushion for the other when playing.

They are definitely a labor of love. There's probably a reason I'm the only one making them as there are so many steps and processes to get from the raw materials to a beautiful finished product.

The playing surface is 5" x 9". Total dimensions are 7" x 11" x 1 3/8". They weigh around 2lbs.

I'm happy to ship internationally please just send me a message for shipping quote.