Timpani & Snare Combo Pad

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One side is softer for practicing timpani, the other side for use with snare sticks. Neither side is very loud. Meant to be used at home or backstage.
Each side acts as a skid-resistant bottom for the other so when placed on a table it will stay in place.

There is a 1/2” by 8” slot on each side intended to be used as a cell phone or iPad holder so you can watch YouTube instead of practicing.
Not guaranteed to fit everyone’s cell phone because of the millions of varieties of cases but it should fit most thin cases and iPads .

The playing area onboth sides is 11” x 7”. The pad is about 1.5” thick, 8.5” tall, and 12.5” wide. Weighs 2.5-3lbs.

There are a few species of wood to choose from. The splines are structural as well as decorative. They reinforce the miter joints at each corner.

All wood was handpicked, processed, designed, built and finished by Luft Mallets. They are meant to last a lifetime. Should something ever fail I will happily repair free of charge.

These are not light. They’re not supposed to be. I intended them to be use at a concert hall or in your home or studio. All credit goes to Leonardo Soto of the Houston Symphony for suggesting I try to make these. I came up with the design and materials but he was the impetus and gave great feedback during prototyping.