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Bob Becker Sus Cym Mallets

Image of Bob Becker Sus Cym Mallets

Yes, Bob Becker.

I had the privilege of working with Bob a few years ago. The repertoire ranged from Reich to G.H. Green to some of Bob's own works. We were playing his piece, "Unseen Child", which featured Bob playing several suspended cymbals. I noticed he was using what looked to be a timpani mallet on the cymbals and thought it sounded great! Granted, he could use a tree branch with a clump of dirt on the end and it would sound nice but this mallet was definitely unique. He said he picked it up while on tour with NEXUS about 20 years ago in Europe. "Sounds awful on Timpani, but wonderful on cymbals". So, long story short we worked to replicate it.

These feature Innegra/carbon fiber shafts to best replicate the weight and balance of the original.